I am inspired by the collision between traditional craft and modern innovation.

Meet the Maker

Before my brothers and I were born, my mother composed a list of "behavioral objectives" for her future children. One of the goals was for us to "appreciate the beauty of one's history, as exemplified by handmade crafts". Though I did not know of the existence of this aim, its influence was felt throughout my life and has led me to where I am today. I have always enjoyed the creative process and I have worked in many mediums. Currently, my previously instilled loves of history and the handmade have converged into Tarnished Charm, where I redeem and repurpose the old broken bits of life into new, wearable jewelry. It is thrilling to be able to take the dusty pieces that have been languishing in the back of old jewelry boxes or people's attics, those discarded treasures that still retain some of their beauty, and reshape them into something that speaks to the women of today. I use as many authentic vintage and antique items as possible in my creations and pair them with handmade chain and hand-forged metalwork. Let me create something for you today.